Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Zombie babies and Frankenstein phones

The humiliated, bizarre Republican Party: What happens next


After the Shutdown: The Debt Ceiling


Blame the Constitution for this mess 


The Latest Clash Between Anonymous And Scientology Is Happening On Craigslist Right Now


Curbing GOP nuts’ power: How Obama can ignore the debt ceiling


Little-noticed Paul Ryan comments may signal showdown’s next move


Should kratom use be legal?


Memo to Obama: Don’t negotiate with extortionists!


GOP’s shutdown debacle resembles our first … in 1879!


A surveillance-proof font?

Kazuhiro Kawamura and newborn baby


Lightning powers Frankenstein phone 


Baby born after ovaries 'reawakened'


Snowden shortlisted for EU prize


Disarmament experts arrive in Syria


Distant planet's clouds are mapped


Economists Say Shutdown Will Hurt, But Hard To Add It Up 


Global war on drugs failing, says report


Ethical Tradition Meets Economics In An Aging China

Today’s Videos:

Hand Fart- The Sound of Silence, by Simon and Garfunkel

BEE GEES - Bodyguard

The original video was deemed too sexual and was subsequently toned down. The controversy of the video hurt airplay of the single, though it charted well in the Adult Contemporary market reaching #9. -wiki

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