Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hidden numbers, hidden noses

What if the Tea Party overthrows John Boehner? 


Steubenville redux? Anonymous targets town that forced out rape victim and her family


Venice’s $7 billion flood barriers are a crazy idea that just might work 


Why is the number 1,729 hidden in Futurama episodes?


What does it feel like to be airbrushed?
Three differing airbrushed photos 


Charlotte Church attacks 'sexist' music industry


Silicon Valley Trailer Park Residents Fight To Stay


Critics Fault BJP's Candidate For Indian Prime Minister

Today’s Video: Andy Gibb - I Can't Help It

"I Can't Help It" is a song written by Barry Gibb and performed by Andy Gibb and Olivia Newton-John. The song reached #8 on the U.S. Adult Contemporary chart and #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1980. The song also reached #32 in Canada and #62 in Australia. The song appeared on his 1980 album, After Dark. -wiki

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