Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekend Edition

Nothing matters but the weekend.

Killer Beavers, Better Bras

The History of Jell-O

How liberals saved California

El Salvador approves emergency C-section for critically ill pregnant woman

Inside an “eco-terror” cell

Miami police choke and tackle black teen for “dehumanizing stare”

When did cover songs become annoying marketing ploys?

Gitmo strike worsens, despite Obama vows

Stravinsky goes digital

Miami police choke and tackle black teen for “dehumanizing stare”

Remains of Amelia Earhart’s plane may have been located

Robert Reich: Widening inequality is killing the economy

The Best Way to Win an Argument?

Astronauts face radiation threat on long Mars trip

Man of the (rich) people

Man dies after being attacked by beaver

Ancient Egyptians Crafted Jewelry From Meteorites

Eurozone unemployment at new record

Cartoonist Lynda Barry Helps College Students Tap Innate Creativity

A Spelling Bee Veteran Finally Wins With Knaidel

A New Step in Wrestling With the Bra

Today’s Videos

Dan Kilian Pennies From Hell 

The song features American rapper Lil Wayne. It impacted radio on October 5, 2010. "No Love" was produced by American hip hop record producer Just Blaze. The song samples "What Is Love" by Haddaway. It features the chorus of the song as the backing vocals. -wiki


Thursday, May 30, 2013

No abortions for you! We're going to Costco!

Michele, Here’s the Bell By GAIL COLLINS

How to make corporations stop ripping you off

New FBI chief choice: Expedient at a time of spying scandals

NYT, AP will not attend Holder’s off-record meeting

Grumpy Cat gets a movie deal

The imperfect new “Arrested Development” is still good enough

Liberace, gay rights pioneer?

Worst job in Venezuela: Succeeding Hugo Chavez

Women may “evolve” out of menopause, says scientist

US economy shows modest growth

Sick El Salvador woman denied abortion

Memorial Held for Slain Gay Man

Leak Inquiries Show How Wide a Net U.S. Cast

How A Costco Trip Can Work As An Investment Strategy

Modern Movement: How The Ballets Russes Revolutionized Dance

Today’s Videos:  

Dan Kilian - I'm A Fool To Ever Leave Your Bed

Rihanna said she joined the collaboration because she could relate to the theme of the song, as she and Eminem had experienced domestic violence on "different ends of the table". Eminem and his ex-wife Kimberly Scott had been in a difficult relationship, having divorced in 2001 and again in 2006 after a remarriage. In February 2009, Rihanna's relationship with American singer Chris Brown had ended following his felony assault on her. She described "Love the Way You Lie" as unique, realistic and deep, saying it "broke down the cycle of domestic violence" because few people had insight on the topic.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Torah Torah Torah!

“Amateur” Digs Deep—Very Deep—Into an Active Galaxy

Rob Zombie evolves with new film, book and music

Heroes of Uncertainty

Cambodia: Protest at Factory for Nike

Hard-Liner Gains in Iranian Race, With Help From the Top

Private Asteroid Mining Company Unveils New Project Today: How to Watch Live

I was a liberal mole at Fox News

Netflix stock dips after “Arrested Development” gets negative reviews

Show some backbone, Harry Reid!

Michele Bachmann to leave Congress, won’t seek another term

Sandy-like floods could hit New York every two years by 2100

Vatican: Sorry! Atheists can’t go to heaven, after all

'World's oldest Torah' scroll found in Italy

Deadly 'US drone strike' in Pakistan

Syrian rebels condemn coalition

In 40 Percent Of Homes, Moms Are Now Primary Breadwinners

Krugman Activate! 
What Happens To Spelling Bee Kids? Years Later, The Prize Is Perspective

Today’s videos: Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies

"Not Afraid" was first revealed as a single by Eminem via Twitter, after which the song debuted on radio. The song was written and produced by Eminem, Boi-1da, Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett; keyboardist Luis Resto was also attributed with songwriting credit. According to Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg and music critics, "Not Afraid" carries a positive message and depicts Eminem's change in direction from drugs and violence. -wiki

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Space Food! Centuries Old Plants and Cicadas

Central Banks Act With a New Boldness

4 Cases the Supreme Court Must Still Decide

Anti-Polio Worker Killed in Pakistan

Homes See Biggest Price Gain in Years, Propelling Stocks

Company Aided in Laundering $6 Billion, Says Indictment

Obama’s dangerous blind spot on national security

Eric Holder is sorry

Washington Post breaks news on White House counsel’s shoes

Drudge’s latest bogus scoop

Poll: Potential Dem challenger tied with Mitch McConnell

Newborn rescued from Chinese sewer pipe

How Eric Holder holds on

With 'Arrested,' 'Archer,' prime time for Walter

“Duel With the Devil”: Murder in Old New York

Teen Invents Tiny Device That Can Instantly Charge Phones

How 3D Printers Could Reinvent NASA Space Food

Russian arms 'to deter Syria intervention'

Obama's Next Big Campaign: Selling Health Care To The Public

Sequestration Hits Navajo Schools Funding 

Centuries-old frozen plants revived  

Not Near the Cicadas? Watch Them on Live Cicada Cam

Today’s video: Eminem - Elevator

The lyrics of the song struck controversy, as Eminem raps this message to former *NSYNCer Lance Bass: Sorry Lance, Mr. Lambert and Aiken ain't gonna make it. They get so mad when I call them both faggots.... Adam Lambert, the American Idol season 8 runner-up said on Twitter: "Wow Eminem mentioned me in a song? I must be doin something right," and "Even if he used the f word. Whatev." The F-word Eminem used in this particular instance is, however, up for some debate. Though conventional wisdom says the rapper, whom many in the past have described as homophobic, would not hesitate to direct an anti-gay slur at three "out" male singers, some suggest the lyrics have him calling Lambert "fake-it". Apparently apprised of the "clarification", Lambert later Tweeted: "Oh he says 'fake it' – my bad. Although, in the album booklet, the lyrics clearly say "Faggots" and not "Fake-its". -wiki