Thursday, October 24, 2013

Virtual Girls! Virtual Girls! Virtual Girls!

The Goldilocks Curse: How America's Job Creation Story Got So Boring


'Rat Island' Renamed


Continuing at Guantanamo: Force-feeding hunger-strikers

Anime figurines on sale in Akihabara

The Japanese men who prefer virtual girlfriends to sex


Award for US pepper-spray cop


The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel


Arcade Fire In The Throes Of Transformation


New galaxy 'most distant' yet discovered

Today’s Video: Bee Gees – Happy Ever After

The songs as sequenced on the "High Civilization mixes" tell a story of "secret love" that might be all in the singer's head and secret from the girl too. He hesitates one moment and speaks explicitly the next, but is he telling her what the feels. The contradictions give the story a dreamlike effect of details shifting while the singer's feelings remain consistent. The only song that does not fit is the dystopian political title song, unless it expresses the singer's anger and confusion with the world as he feels things are all falling apart. He then casts it all as a romantic tragedy, before finally proposing that maybe even the girl being in love with someone else does not mean the end of it.

Both High Civilization and Size Isn't Everything were the only post-RSO era albums not to feature concert dates in the US, presumably due to health issues with Barry Gibb and lackluster record sales. -wiki

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