Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Giant snake, giant bird

The ocean is broken

 Workers anchor a boat bearing an installation work by Czech visual artist David Cerny in front of the Prague Castle

Czech floating finger sends president message

Quake rumours over new beached 'sea serpent' in US


Scientists Grow New Hair In A Lab, But Don't Rush To Buy A Comb


Rights groups condemn US drone raids


Brunei unveils tough Sharia code


Venezuela downs two 'hostile' planes


Fewer Jobs Than Expected In Sept., But Jobless Rate Fell


How Politics Set The Stage For The Obamacare Website Meltdown

Today’s Videos: Bee Gees – When He's Gone

"When He's Gone" is the first and only American single from the 1991 Bee Gees album High Civilization. Warner Bros. did nothing to promote the album or the single and neither charted in America, the first and only time a Bee Gees album failed to chart in America. The Bee Gees made two TV appearances in May, 1991 to promote the single. They appeared on Rick Dees' show Into the Night where they sang "When He's Gone" and "One" and on The Arsenio Hall Show they sang "When He's Gone" and "To Love Somebody". -wiki





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