Friday, October 25, 2013


 Economists are horrible people, study says

Simon & Garfunkel Tune Eases Chronic Pain


Fart-Filtering Underwear Has You Covered


100 Days Of Twin Baby Pandas Growing Up 


What Happens When You Just Give Money To Poor People?


Phonebloks: The phone you can build like Lego


Women gain as gender gap 'narrows'


ICC rules against Kenya's Ruto 


A Mathematician, The Last Supper And The Birth Of Accounting


Bill Mohr, Adorable 105-Year-Old Man, Earns His High School Diploma

Today’s Video: Bee Gees – Paying the Price of Love

"Paying the Price of Love" is the first single from the Bee Gees' album, Size Isn't Everything. It was more reminiscent of the Bee Gees disco era than recent singles. With an uptempo hip-hop beat and soaring falsetto vocals, it was too heavy for adult contemporary radio, which is where the Bee Gees were primarily played in 1993.

The promotional video for the song showed the brothers performing the song as holograms on a futuristic version of MTV--which could be considered ironic, as the video never aired on the network, but rather on its companion channel, VH1.

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