Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Giraffe sex injury


The truly scary politics of horror movies 


Sandra Day O’Connor performs gay couple’s wedding at the Supreme Court 


Drone victim family travel from Pakistan Capitol Hill to testify and only a handful of lawmakers show up 


The Pacific Coast is taking action on climate change 


Diwali 2013: The Festival Of Lights


Here's Why Your Facebook Friends Have Become Giraffes


Australian woman loses sex injury court case


Swaddling resurgence 'damaging hips', surgeon warns


Iraq is hit by wave of bombings


Spain growth ends two-year recession


China 'detains Tiananmen suspects'

Today’s Video: Bee Gees – "Kiss of Life"

Size Isn't Everything is the Bee Gees' twentieth studio album (eighteenth worldwide), released in the UK on 13 September 1993, and the US on 2 November of the same year.

The album was recorded following a time of considerable strain for the Gibb brothers. Maurice had only recently managed to overcome his long-term struggle with alcoholism and Barry Gibb's wife and prematurely newborn daughter both suffered ill health. Barry himself was also scheduled to have back surgery.

Then on 5 March 1992, the brothers' father, Hugh Gibb, died. The date coincided with the birthday of their late brother Andy, who had died in 1988. The album was dedicated to Hugh. -wiki

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