Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kanye and KITTENS!

The amazing politics of failure 


Washington can’t stop waging war 


Lawyers want Guantanamo 'gag order' lifted


Kanye Explains Why He Brought Jesus Onstage


Meet the Cute Brooklyn Couple Who Adopted the Subway Kittens


Welfare Reform Is Leaving More In Deep Poverty


Obama official Jofi Joseph fired over insulting tweets


Gold in trees leads to hidden deposits


Desperate Chinese Villagers Turn To Self-Immolation


 Iran: 'No need' for repeat hanging


High-School Student Finds Bumpy-Headed Baby Dino


Today’s Video: Bee Gees – The Only Love

High Civilization is the Bee Gees' nineteenth original album (seventeenth worldwide), released in 1991. It was their last album recorded for Warner Bros. Records, after a four-year contract (they would return to WB through subsidiary Reprise Records in 2006, after gaining the rights to their previously released material, they reissued each album through Reprise). Possibly in reaction to firm resistance from US radio to the previous two albums, E.S.P. (1987) and One (1989), which had done well in other countries, the US-based Warner Bros gave this one less promotion and did not issue remixes. -wiki

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