Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yelling at babies, talking to enemies, and it's an ant invasion!

Is Obamacare really being threatened? Here’s a handy guide

 Art sleuth claims to have exhumed Mona Lisa’s skeleton

This Day in Blogging History: Cutaway drawings of manufacturing; PC toaster; Whalefarts

 Woody Allen Is a Pimp in New John Turturro Movie

Legendary political reporter Jack Germond dies at age 85

Mars Food Researchers Emerge From Hawaii Dome

Toddler verbally abused via baby cam

Israel-Palestinian talks to resume

Is The Middle East Conflict Getting Even Tougher To Solve?

10 Years After The Blackout, How Has The Power Grid Changed?


Book News: Handwriting Offers Clues In Shakespeare Debate

Eurozone comes out of recession

'Stowaway' ants spread around world  

Today's Videos: 

Adam and the Ants - Antmusic

The Bee Gees - Throw a Penny

Mr. Natural is the Bee Gees' twelfth album (tenth worldwide), released in July 1974. It was the first Bee Gees release to be produced by Arif Mardin....

The decision to work with Mardin came after the RSO label rejected the brothers' post-Life in a Tin Can album, which had been provisionally entitled A Kick In The Head Is Worth Eight In The Pants. Their manager Robert Stigwood was not ready to give up on the Bee Gees, but he did not believe in the musical direction they were taking. At the suggestion of Jerry Wexler and Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic, Robert Stigwood sent them to work with Atlantic producer and arranger Arif Mardin, who began to draw out their love of rhythm and blues music. Mardin brought the band's attention to the dance scene unfolding at the time, and the brothers Gibb in turn adapted their songwriting and arrangements to a more upbeat style.

The Bee Gees are not pictured anywhere in the exterior album package. The front and back are an art concept of a man in a bar, looking blissfully out the window on the front and being ejected smiling on the back. There is a small monochrome photo on the inner sleeve, which some have said Atlantic had the idea of hiding the fact that they were white Englishmen.

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