Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fat Sabbath, Space Vikings

Jay Z needs better race politics

Republicans won’t (and probably can’t) shut down the government

Massive “fatberg” unearthed in London sewer

Gohmert: Embassy closures make U.S. look “like a bunch of cowards”

Al Roker didn’t wake up for “Wake Up with Al” this morning

Humans’ love for music explained

Luxury toilet users warned of hardware flaw

Relating to Mitt Romney: An insider’s look at how the GOP lost the 2012 election

David Lynch: “Sometimes it’s very good to go back and visit old work”

Here’s what Amazon lobbies for in D.C.

Taliban leader vows no power grab

On The Road With Max And Dave: A Tax Overhaul Tour

Pinsky's 'Singing School': Poetry For The Verse Averse

No Tax Dollars Went To Make This Space Viking Photo

Jon M. Chu For 'Star Trek 3'? Director's Reps Shoot Down New Report 

Ozzy Osbourne says Bill Ward too 'overweight' for Black Sabbath gigs

Today’s Videos:

The Mynah Birds - It's My Time w) Rick James & Neil Young

The Bee Gees - Run to Me

"Run to Me" is a song by the English rock band Bee Gees. It was the lead single and first track on the group's 1972 album To Whom It May Concern. There is also a promotional video for this song. Written by Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb. Lead vocals by Barry Gibb on the verses and Robin Gibb on the chorus. It was very much in the mold of the last two successful singles, a straight verse-chorus number with vocal by both Barry and Robin. Maurice sings in a very low key along with Robin in the chorus which is barely audible, something he rarely did in concert when they performed this song. "Run to Me" saw the Bee Gees return to the UK Top 10 after a three year absence, climbing to #9 while in the US it reached #16. -wiki

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