Friday, August 30, 2013

Smile! Here's a severed head!

Sly Stone planning comeback with all-albino band

Bill Murray returns to Letterman for 20 year anniversary

Dave Chappelle walks off stage in response to hecklers

Poet Seamus Heaney dies aged 74

Wise Old Whooping Cranes Keep Captive-Bred Fledglings On Track

Colombia troops to patrol Bogota after protests

Money May Be Motivating Doctors To Do More C-Sections

Kenya police boss sent severed head

Trial for China 'smiling official' TV montage of Shaanxi official Yang Dacai and his watches

'Molecular basis' for jet lag found

Today’s Videos:

Patrick Stewart performs the quadruple take

Bee Gees - Edge Of The Universe

Here at Last was the first official live recording released by the Bee Gees, though many bootlegs have existed throughout the years of earlier performances. The concert was filmed and a TV special was planned, but after reviewing the footage the Bee Gees were unhappy with the quality of the video and to this day it has not been released. -wiki

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