Friday, August 16, 2013

Death of the planet hunter

RNC Chair: “Self-deportation” arguments are “racist”

Hey, Washington Post: Print that forbidden NSA interview!

Bryan Fischer: Obama was photoshopped into bin Laden raid photo

Climate change is making apples softer and sweeter

Reversing the U.S.’s military policing

Meet your new favorite animal, the olinguito

Conservative group: Fox News is “pro-homosexual propaganda”

Obama’s fumbling comments fuel controversy over Fed pick

'Cannibal' Monster Galaxies Lose Appetite In Old Age

Lying about its lion, Chinese zoo closed for going to the dogs

NSA 'broke snooping privacy rules'

Demystifying Saffron: Mark Bittman Explains The Pricey Spice

Kepler retires from planet-hunting

Facebook use 'makes people feel worse about themselves'

Herzog Plumbs Guilt And Loss Wrought By Texting And Driving

Today’s Video: Bee Gees - Jive Talkin

Largely recognized as the group's "comeback" song, it was their first US top ten hit since "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" in 1971.

The song was originally called "Drive Talking". The song's rhythm was modelled after the sound their car made crossing the Julia Tuttle Causeway each day from Biscayne Bay to Criteria Studios in Miami.

"We played it to Arif [producer Arif Mardin], and he went 'Do you know what "Jive Talkin'" means?' And we said 'Well yeah, it's, ya know, you're dancing.' He says ''s a black expression for bullshitting.' And we went 'OH, REALLY?!?'".

Upon its release to radio stations, the single was delivered in a plain white cover, with no immediate indication of what the song's name was or who sang it. The DJs would only find out what the song was and who played it when it was placed on the turntable; RSO did provide the song with a label on the record itself. It was the second time in the band's career that this strategy had been employed to get airplay for their music, after a similar tactic had popularised their debut US single New York Mining Disaster 1941 in 1967.

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