Monday, August 19, 2013

Now it's volcanos.

Secret Memo to Chinese Party Warns Against Western Ideas

Obama's Paltry Pardon Record Contradicts Holder's Drug War Incarceration Concern

Head Start Cuts Services For More Than 57,000 Children Due To Sequestration

The Curse of the Diaeresis

Shark Swallowed Whole By ... Another Shark

5 companies that make money by keeping Americans scared

Paul McCartney Could Regain Rights to Beatles' Songs Soon

The 5 Fish You Should Be Eating Now

AP Interview: Top Iran adviser reaches out to West

Where are the environmental movement’s leaders?

Minecraft maker shelves 0x10c video game

European forests near 'carbon saturation point'

Snowden journalist's partner held

Has Voyager 1 Left The Solar System?

Report: Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to be freed

Stocks calmer after two weeks of losses

The truth stings: Still no answers for collapsing bee colonies

Time’s Michael Grunwald tweets for Assange’s death 

Thai economy in surprise recession

China home prices continue to rise

Sakurajima volcano covers Japanese city in ash

Today’s Video: Bee Gees - Nights on Broadway

Producer Arif Mardin asked if one of the Bee Gees member could do some screaming during the main chorus to make the song more exciting. In response, Barry Gibb began singing higher and higher, eventually singing it in a falsetto that was unexpectedly powerful. He had never known he had such an ability and Barry's falsetto became a trademark of the Bee Gees, Gibb recalled in a May 2001 interview with Mojo magazine "Arif said to me, "Can you scream?" I said, "under certain circumstances". He said, "Can you scream in tune?" I said, "well, I'll try"" –wiki

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