Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Old globes, new worlds, abusive tweets, Gaga and chocolate

The right gets confused by its own lie

GOP prepares to self-destruct over nonsense

Isolated Mashco-Piro Indians appear in Peru

5 myths about terrorism (including that it works)

Study: The more sex you have, the more money you make

Old-fashioned Cheerios still a healthy cereal pick

Krugman activate! 

How Extreme Australian Rains Made Global Sea Levels Drop

Egypt: U.S. Aid 'Secretly' Halted

Radioactive water leak at Fukushima

CIA admits role in Iran's 1953 coup

Lady Gaga: Stop 'abusive' tweets

Music performances 'judged by sight'

Rob Auton's chocolate joke is Fringe 'funniest'

Oldest globe to depict the New World may have been discovered

Today’s Videos:
North Korea children playing the guitar

Bee Gees - Fanny Be Tender With My Love

In 1975, the Bee Gees moved their operations to Miami Beach, Florida at the suggestion of Eric Clapton following his comeback album 461 Ocean Boulevard the year before. The Bee Gees had formed the nucleus of their band early in 1975 with Blue Weaver on keyboards, Alan Kendall on lead guitar and Dennis Bryon on drums. Also part of the Bee Gees mid- to late 1970s sound was The Boneroo Horns brought to Miami in 1973 by Dr. John.

Recording for "Fanny" took place on 30 January, the same day as "Jive Talkin'", "Songbird", and "All This Making Love". Additional recording took place in February when Barry began to use his falsetto as a lead vocal in addition to backing vocals. The complexity of falsetto and natural harmonies would become a Bee Gees trademark culminating with 1979's Spirits Having Flown. The group did not perform "Fanny" live because of the layers of harmonies used to create the studio recording.


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