Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Old man dies, murder capital of the world, and breasts

Whoa, the Apocalypse. We’re Still Buds, Right?

Behind Kanye’s Mask

Beyonce Sketch: Roberto Cavalli Explains Singer's Distorted Image

Pope Is Quoted Referring to a Vatican ‘Gay Lobby’

Memoirist Marie Calloway: “I don’t like the privileging of other topics over sex”

James Clapper must go

Darrell Issa gets nastier

Mike Huckabee: “we’re now even seeing television commercials portraying same-sex couples”

Clapper on NSA Congress comments: “I gave the least untruth”

“This Is the End”: Dude, it’s the apocalypse!

Dick Durbin: FISA declassification bill will be “ill-fated”

“When Americans understand, they become outraged”

Stop blaming technology for high unemployment!

Dozing banker unwittingly transfers hundreds of millions

Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter: ' I've never been on a date'

Mystery of the man who fell to earth

'Ice hovercraft' tracks seen on Mars

Australia PM condemns 'breasts' menu

Oldest man in history dies in Japan

Pope 'confirms Vatican gay lobby'

Honduras Claims Title Of World's Murder Capital

Iranians Eager To Be Heard Despite Few Election Choices

‘PBS NewsHour’ Plans Layoffs as It Closes Offices

Krugman Activate!

Today’s Video: Bee Gees - Every Day I Have To Cry

"Every Day I Have to Cry", also known as "Every Day I Have to Cry Some", is a song written by Arthur Alexander and first recorded by Steve Alaimo in 1962. Although the song has been recorded by many musicians over the years, Alexander did not record his own version until 1975.
The Bee Gees covered "Every Day I Have to Cry" as teenage recording artists in Australia. This version was recorded at Festival Studios on February 1965 and marked two important firsts for the group - Robin Gibb's debut lead vocal and Maurice Gibb playing organ - the first of many times he would contribute keyboards to the group's recordings.

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