Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Babies in boxes, stinky feet, and more (or less) oral sex

Avoiding the Easy Trap of Buying High

Turkey’s Authoritarian Turn

Can I Use the Same Paper for Multiple College Courses?

Harmless, but They May Cause Paralysis

A Mosquito That Won’t Ruin a Barbecue

Yen Below 100 Per Dollar, Again, in Challenge for Abe

Christie Calls Election in October to Fill Senate Seat

The question libertarians just can’t answer

Dear everyone: Chris Christie is conservative

Do primates practice religion?

Baths Obsidian review

Fleetwood Mac is “the great American story”

Democrats fear blowing another Massachusetts Senate race

Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes

Survey Takes A Snapshot Of The View From Black America

With U.S. Forces On Their Way Out, Afghans Take The Lead

Stinky feet may lead to better malaria traps

Douglas cancer 'not from oral sex'

Today’s Video:  Bee Gees - Battle Of The Blue And Grey

"The Battle of the Blue and the Grey" is the Bee Gees' first single, backed by "The Three Kisses of Love" and released on March 1963. Like all the Bee Gees' output prior to 1967 (with the notable exception of Spicks and Specks) it was only released in Australia and did not chart although the group performed both songs on Australian television. In September 1963, it was included as the third track on their first EP The Bee Gees. Neither song appeared on an album until the mop-up compilation Turn Around, Look at Us in 1967 but both are included on the 1998 compilation Brilliant from Birth which collects most of the Australian material. -wiki

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