Friday, June 7, 2013

Failed love spell, tentative talks, and Superman

John Oliver promises most “memorable interview in the history of television”

Acting That Doesn’t Make You Cringe: Coming To A Game Console Near You

America Just Loves Firing Government Workers

Dear Sunday shows: Book Wyden, not McCain

Obama’s unparalleled spy state

A treat fit for Freud: Breast-milk lollipops

Pick of the week: Joss Whedon does Shakespeare

Senate nixes both parties’ student loan plans

5 High-Denomination Bills Not Being Printed

“The Internship”: A fatal overdose of Googliness

“In the Flesh”: A suicidal, gay, post-zombie story

World’s longest funeral procession?

 Surveillance video offers glimpse of a D.C. restaurant patio robbery

Spanish businessman 'attacks pyschic over failed £140,000 love spell'

South and North Korea Pave Way for Direct Talks

Superman: Why Man of Steel is from Cleveland not Krypton

US spy chief defends surveillance

How To Sell Coke To People Who Have Never Had A Sip

Job Growth Was Slow And Steady In May, But Jobless Rate Rose

Today’s Videos: 
Dan Kilian  "Daddy Was A Conman"

 Bee Gees "Claustrophobia "

For the first time, Robin and Maurice joined Barry as instrumentalists. Robin played a solo on melodica, a mouth-operated keyboard instrument, while Maurice played one of four guitars featured on the recordings. Robin continued contributing keyboards until the end of the sixties, after which he stuck mostly to singing. Maurice, on the other hand, went on from here to become proficent on guitar, bass and keyboards, contributing greatly to the group's instrumental backing throughout their career together. -wiki

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