Thursday, June 13, 2013

Death, tyranny, indifference, sleeping black holes and a gay island!

What your brain won’t let you see

Eric Holder’s brave and welcome decision

Andrew Cuomo pretends to want public financing really badly

“Man of Steel”: Truth, justice and the Nietzschean way

Rep. Peter King wants to prosecute journalists

5 things we still don’t know about the NSA “black hole”

George Takei’s Facebook Adventure Now Includes An Apologizing Ghostwriter

Analysis: Top court's gay marriage ruling won't be last word

Erdogan in 'final' protest warning

At least 93,000 killed in Syria - UN

Once Home To Drug Lord, Medellin Now A Model City

NSA Surveillance Fails To Rile Congress

Bad winter sees 'huge loss of bees'  

Black hole caught napping after meal

Mussolini's Gay Island 

Today’s Video: Bee Gees "Wine and Women"

"Wine and Women" is a song written by Barry Gibb, and released by the Bee Gees in September 1965 on Leedon Records in Australia. The song's B-side was Follow the Wind. The single reached #19 in Australia. marking the Bee Gees' international chart debut. They achieved this by getting as many of their fans as possible to buy enough copies to get the song into the charts at #35 and thus to the attention of disc-jockeys.

Wine and Women marked the first time Barry and Robin had traded lead vocals. Maurice plays the brief the lead guitar break, Barry's guitar strumming is mixed forward and he sings most of the lead vocals on this song.

Another important debut was that of Bill Shepherd in the producer's chair. Shepherd would travel with the group to England when they launched their international career and for many years arranged and conducted their orchestral backing on record and in concert.

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