Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Prostitutes and Rock Dinosaurs

How Work Is Rebounding (or Not) Globally

Two Liberal Voices for Intervention, but Not in Syrian War

U.S.-China Meeting’s Aim: Personal Diplomacy

Cartoons from The New Yorker

Whatever Happened to Terence Trent D’Arby?

Rumsfeld: “I can’t tell” if Obama has switched sides in “War on Terror”

Beck preparing two new albums, releases new track

Why is Bob Woodward pushing discredited IRS report on “O’Reilly Factor”?

A party of cowards will end up in the minority

It actually doesn’t matter whom Obama appoints

Brazil drops 'happy prostitute' ads

Thought-guided helicopter takes off

Syrian army retakes town of Qusair

First Lady Gets Face-To-Face With Heckler
U.S. Trade Commission Rules Apple Violated Samsung Patents
How One Patent Could Take Down One Comedian

50 Years After Medgar Evers' Killing, The Scars Remain

Extinct lizard named after The Doors' singer Jim Morrison

Today’s Video: The Bee Gees "Timber!"

"Timber!" is the Bee Gees' second single, released in August 1963 with "Take Hold of That Star" as its B-side. Written by Barry Gibb and produced by Robert Iredale, the song was also included on the group's first EP The Bee Gees released in September 1963. and was later included on the group's first album The Bee Gees Sing and Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs released on Leedon in 1965. -wiki

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