Thursday, June 6, 2013

Neandethal cancer, and babies crying in the womb

IRS: “Star Trek” parody video is “embarrassing”

Putins Appear Together to Say They’ll Split

After 30 Terms, Dingell Nears Milestone

The government has all your info

Karen Russell: All fiction is autobiographical

Device From Israeli Start-Up Gives the Visually Impaired a Way to Read

Misery may be vital to our mental health

Istanbul protest is — and is not — about the trees

New North America Viking Voyage Discovered

Neanderthal clues to cancer origins

Babies 'practice crying in the womb'

US to start dialogue with Venezuela

Turkey PM defiant despite protests

Spy Agency's Collection Of Phone Records Reopens Controversy
Ahead Of Key Report, 2 Modestly Positive Signs On Jobs

Today’s Video: Bee Gees "Peace of Mind"

"Peace of Mind" is a psychedelic rock song by the Bee Gees, released in Australia as their third in March 1964 and backed with "Don't Say Goodbye".
It was later included on the group's first album The Bee Gees Sing and Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs. It was recorded on February 1964 at Festival Studio in Sydney. It was also included on the 1998 compilation Brilliant from Birth.

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