Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Space Food! Centuries Old Plants and Cicadas

Central Banks Act With a New Boldness

4 Cases the Supreme Court Must Still Decide

Anti-Polio Worker Killed in Pakistan

Homes See Biggest Price Gain in Years, Propelling Stocks

Company Aided in Laundering $6 Billion, Says Indictment

Obama’s dangerous blind spot on national security

Eric Holder is sorry

Washington Post breaks news on White House counsel’s shoes

Drudge’s latest bogus scoop

Poll: Potential Dem challenger tied with Mitch McConnell

Newborn rescued from Chinese sewer pipe

How Eric Holder holds on

With 'Arrested,' 'Archer,' prime time for Walter

“Duel With the Devil”: Murder in Old New York

Teen Invents Tiny Device That Can Instantly Charge Phones

How 3D Printers Could Reinvent NASA Space Food

Russian arms 'to deter Syria intervention'

Obama's Next Big Campaign: Selling Health Care To The Public

Sequestration Hits Navajo Schools Funding 

Centuries-old frozen plants revived  

Not Near the Cicadas? Watch Them on Live Cicada Cam

Today’s video: Eminem - Elevator

The lyrics of the song struck controversy, as Eminem raps this message to former *NSYNCer Lance Bass: Sorry Lance, Mr. Lambert and Aiken ain't gonna make it. They get so mad when I call them both faggots.... Adam Lambert, the American Idol season 8 runner-up said on Twitter: "Wow Eminem mentioned me in a song? I must be doin something right," and "Even if he used the f word. Whatev." The F-word Eminem used in this particular instance is, however, up for some debate. Though conventional wisdom says the rapper, whom many in the past have described as homophobic, would not hesitate to direct an anti-gay slur at three "out" male singers, some suggest the lyrics have him calling Lambert "fake-it". Apparently apprised of the "clarification", Lambert later Tweeted: "Oh he says 'fake it' – my bad. Although, in the album booklet, the lyrics clearly say "Faggots" and not "Fake-its". -wiki 


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