Friday, May 10, 2013

3D Time Lapsed Dog Ladies

Benghazi emails reveal turf war over talking points

Has the Syria threat cooled?

Obama reenters health care debate


Worst-Ever Right Whale Die-Off Continues to Puzzle

Great and hilarious cartoon about depression 

Elizabeth Warren Wants the Fed to Get Into the Student Loan Business

Stunning 30-year timelapse shows earth's changing surface

US government orders removal of Defcad 3D-gun designs

Dog years: How do you calculate a dog's true age?

Ladies, Want Women's Sports To Get More Attention? Pony Up

Today’s Video Eminem-Ass Like That  "Ass Like That", also referred to as "A** Like That," "Like That" or "Butt Like That" in their respective censored forms, is a song by the rapper Eminem. It was released as the fifth and final single from his 2004 album, Encore.-wiki

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