Friday, May 3, 2013

Back from the dead, unless you're not

Teen Mom's Banned Yearbook Photo

Eel Shoved Up Man's Anus Eats Its Way Through His Intestines

Lil Wayne responds to family of Emmett Till over offensive lyric

California’s disappearing health care reform

How to come back from the dead

The Beyonce Experiment: How Far Can She Go?

Chef Edward Lee Adds Korean Spice To Southern Comfort Food

Today's video "Business" by Eminem
"Business" is a hip hop song of four minutes and eleven seconds in length. It sees Eminem comparing himself and Dr. Dre, the song's producer, to fictional crime-fighting duo Batman and Robin, a comparison first explored in the music video for the previous Eminem single "Without Me". The lyrics are backed by a "cartoonish" beat: one of several Dr. Dre productions on The Eminem Show which, according to CultureDose writer Marty Brown, affords Eminem a "perfect sound-scape" to inspire emotions in the listener, calling the beat "a launchpad equally effective for humor or anger". Writing for Pitchfork Media, Ethan P. noted the "cartoonish" production to be similar in style to several of Eminem's early singles, claiming it to be fitting to the Batman and Robin theme on "Business", but noted that "this time he's actually talking about Batman and Robin!!".

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