Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iggy Eyed Flying Pigs!

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Imagine A Flying Pig: How Words Take Shape In The Brain

Today's video: D12-purple pills "Purple Pills", also known as the censored version, "Purple Hills", is a hip hop single by American rap group D12, taken as the second cut from their debut studio album, Devil's Night.

When it was announced that the group intended to release the track as a single, due to the drug and sex references, it was deemed inappropriate for play on many radio stations, and as such, a censored version of the song, "Purple Hills", was made. This version removes most of the drug and sex references, and replaces them with comical lyrics. Such changes include; the line "I've been to mushroom mountain" altered to say "I've climbed the highest mountain"; and the line "I take a couple uppers, I down a couple downers" changed to "I've been so many places, I've seen so many faces." Most of Bizarre's verse is entirely changed, due to the strong amount of sexual and drug content in it. Music videos were made for both "Purple Pills" and "Purple Hills".

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