Friday, May 24, 2013

G-men, Shame, Funky Ice Cream and Japanese Sex Slaves

An Email From The G Man

Where money talks

Palme d'Awful: the worst films for sale at Cannes – in pictures

Democrats may be even worse than Republicans at regulating Wall Street

Eric Holder versus journalism

Big Earthquakes Create Global-Scale GPS Errors

Holder signed off on search warrant for reporter

Cuomo: “Shame on us” if New York City elects Weiner

US road bridge falls into river

Breaking Down Obama's Policy For Fighting Terrorism

Fifteen Funkiest Ice Cream Flavors on Earth

Former Japanese Sex Slaves Demand Resignation Of Toru Hashimoto, Osaka Mayor

Today’s Videos

Dan Kilian - Drink & Drive Live at The Parkside 4-6-13 

 Eminem "Hell Breaks Loose"
"Hell Breaks Loose" is a song by American rapper Eminem, featured on his 2009 album Relapse: Refill the re-release of Relapse. "Hell Breaks Loose" was a promotional single released on December 15, releasing the same day as "Elevator". The song features Dr. Dre, who also produced the song with Mark Batson. On the week ending January 2, 2010, "Hell Breaks Loose" debuted at #29 on the Billboard Hot 100, as the week's Hot Shot Debut. -wiki

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