Friday, September 27, 2013

Teenagers Hacking Cyberbabies


Cities like Miami at risk of being swallowed by the sea


Krugman Activate!

Trained police rats sniff out crime 


Obamacare savings could end the argument


Meet the interactive baby avatar


Stanislav Petrov: The man who may have saved the world


Water surprise in Curiosity samples

Students Find Ways To Hack School-Issued iPads Within A Week

'CrackBerry' Users Have Moved On. Is BlackBerry Dead?

Houston Gears Up For Obamacare, Despite GOP Opposition

New Syria chemical claims probed

Today’s Video: BEE GEES - Ordinary Lives

Following the premature death of their younger brother Andy Gibb in 1988, the Bee Gees dedicated this song and their new album to him. Originally the song was titled "Cruel World" but was changed and the name was "Ordinary Lives". -wiki

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