Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3D Printed Human Organs

Bill to Cut Off Health Funds Raises Odds of a U.S. Shutdown

Fed, in Surprise Move, Postpones Retreat From Stimulus Campaign

“I scared the crap out of them!”: Alan Grayson details how to work with the GOP


Junot Díaz: “Orson Scott Card is a cretinous fool”


Scientists redefine “clean” energy by generating electricity from sewage


The 300-year-old fertility statistics still in use today


'Body on a chip' uses 3D printed organs to test vaccines


Shy male birds keep closer 'friends'
Great tit 


Your Kids And Money: Teaching The Value Of A Dollar


Rhythmic ability linked to language


'Don't Know'? Just Admit It


Facebook sorry for suicide dating ad


Economic crisis 'linked to suicides'

Today’s Videos:

Beatles - Nowhere man - Live in Munich 1966

The Bee Gees - The Woman in You

"The Woman in You" is one of five songs the Bee Gees contributed to the film, Staying Alive, the sequel to Saturday Night Fever. Director Sylvester Stallone used the Bee Gees songs in the movie more as background music rather than the prominent way Saturday Night Fever had featured them. The single received more airplay than the Bee Gees previous two singles, though not enough to reach a top 10 position. In interviews following the release of the film, the brothers expressed their displeasure at the way their songs were edited and revealed that their hearts were not in the music. By 1983, the Bee Gees were focusing their talents on solo projects and production of other artists, so it is not surprising that they were not all enthusiastic about the Staying Alive movie.

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