Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Larger Testes and Six Clawed Lobsters

The right’s new dirty trick to hold government hostage

De Blasio, I guess: The Pareene Endorsements™

best lobster photo

Red Lobster employee suspended after posting racist receipt online

Ireland may not survive its financial crisis

Mars One mission starts sifting through 200,000 applicants

Unemployment numbers are falling: Should we be worried?

European Union would support Syria attack, but there’s a catch

After Sandy, rethinking microgrids

Testicle size 'link to father role'

US adoptive parents killed Ethiopian Feel good story of the year!

EU finance tax illegal, say lawyers

Almost a quarter of men 'admit to rape in parts of Asia'  No wait! It's this one!

Rare six-clawed lobster is caught off Massachusetts 

During Katrina, 'Memorial' Doctors Chose Who Lived, Who Died

Today’s Video: The Bee Gees - Too Much Heaven

The single "Too Much Heaven" was released in the late autumn of 1978. It had originally been intended for use in the John Travolta movie Moment By Moment, but was pulled before the film's release reportedly because Barry Gibb thought the movie was awful when he was shown a rough cut.

The recording process was the longest of all the tracks on Spirits Having Flown as there are nine layers of three-part harmony creating 27 voices, though the high falsetto voices are the most pronounced in the final mix:

    Barry on falsetto lead three times
    falsetto high harmony three times
    falsetto low harmony three times
    Barry on natural voice lead three times
    high harmony three times
    low harmony three times
    Barry, Robin and Maurice together on lead three times
    high harmony three times
    low harmony three times.

The horn section from the band Chicago play on the song, in return for the brothers’ appearance on the Chicago song "Little Miss Lovin".

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