Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's your dolphin name? Non-baby related news.

As Clock Ticks, Fierce Turnout Effort for Health Law

Detroit, the New Greece

New York Is Not Detroit. But ...

Don’t buy the right-wing myth about Detroit

John Boehner is losing control

Kelly’s creative writing: Stop-and-frisk and Muslim surveillance are wonderful!

The CIA Wants To Control The Weather Through 'Geoengineering'

John Kerry’s Middle East “fool’s errand”

Female genital mutilation remains “almost universal” in some countries

Income inequality ruined Detroit

Strange Particles Shape-Shift From One Flavor to Another

Dolphins 'call each other by name'

Baron Cohen 'leaves Mercury biopic'

Picture of Earth taken from Saturn

The Mysterious History Of 'Marijuana'

Detroit's Emergency Manager: 'There's Just No Money'

 US general outlines Syria options

Residents Forced To Live Without Landlines

Enough subsidizing CEOs’ insane salaries! 

Today’s Video: Bee Gees - If Only I Had My Mind on Something Else

"If Only I Had My Mind on Something Else" is a country song recorded by the Bee Gees. It was written by Barry Gibb and Maurice Gibb. It was the first track on the album Cucumber Castle.

The album's second single (only in the US), but it failed to make any impact and stalled out at #91. Following this, Barry and Maurice went their separate ways, both releasing solo singles with limited success. Barry and Robin reconciled in the summer of 1970 and the Bee Gees reunited with two American top 10 singles in 1971. -wiki

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