Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Larry Bird and the Superman Shrew

Japan scrambles jets after China plane flies by southern islands

Paul George talksabout the time Larry Bird’s shooting form stopped Pacer practice in its tracks                                                    

New 'Superman' shrew discovered

Being In The Minority Can Cost You And Your Company

As Obama Renews Push For Jobs, How Is The Economy Doing?

White House attacks NSA curb plans

Today’s Videos:

Bee Gees - I.O.I.O.

"I.O.I.O."marked the group's first conscious delving into what is now called 'world music', according to Robin Gibb, it grew out of his brother Barry's visit to Africa. Maurice Gibb described this as "Barry's African jaunt" as the opening has African-type percussion that leads into Barry Gibb singing the verse, joined by Maurice in the chorus. Maurice claimed was never finished properly, and still featured Barry's guide vocal in a place of a finished performance. -wiki


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