Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kim Gordon and the Brain: Consume the News!

Ancient Europeans Mysteriously Vanished 4,500 Years Ago

Judging Amazon’s comedy pilots

World’s first permanent ABBA museum to open in Sweden

Kim Gordon Sounds Off

“How can the brain understand itself?”

James Buchanan: Why is he considered America’s worst president?

Entropy law linked to intelligence, say researchers

For Chinese Women, Marriage Depends On Right 'Bride Price'

Today's Videos:
Eminem "The Way I Am" From the perspective of traditional poetic theory, almost the entire song, excluding the chorus, can be described as being written in anapestic tetrameter. However, though this poetic label accurately describes the short-short-long pattern that dominates Eminem's flow in this song, it fails to capture the musical rhythm of his delivery, which in Rap is more significant. Eminem delivers his short-short-long "anapestic" rhythm in a highly syncopated manner which is completely off the beat: he rests on the beat itself, 1,2,3,4, and delivers his words on the other 16th notes (e & a), accenting the last 16th note, the same place where the kick drum hits. This highly syncopated rhythm gives this piece much of its dramatic tension and is identical to the rhythm of the piano accompaniment. The chorus adapts lines from the song "As the Rhyme Goes On" from Eric B. and Rakim's debut album Paid in Full in which Rakim raps, "I'm the R, the A, to the K, I M--if I wasn't, then why would I say I am?" -wiki

Eminem & Dido - Stan

This song is inspired by the death of Eminem's uncle Ronnie, who took his own life in 1991.

On Shade 45 (Eminem's radio station), Em explained that there was originally going to be another verse where Stan survived and went to kill Eminem. Em then tried to kill him in self-defense and put him in the hospital. After three weeks of being in there he came to kill Em one last time and Em blew Stan's head off.

"Stan" has entered into the lexicon as a term for an overly-obsessed fan of someone or something.-wiki

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