Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dark Lightning and Lady Gaga

Appeals Court Ruling Favors Richard Prince in Copyright Case

First Bush Library Quietly Celebrates Eleventh Anniversary

Astronomers solve mystery of water on Jupiter

Is income inequality beyond fixing?

Dark Lightning Linked to its Luminous Twin

Possible Fed Successor Has Admirers and Foes

Brazil judge orders Facebook memorial page removed

First Western War In Afghanistan Was An 'Imperial Disaster'

Lady Gaga Writing A New Song Is Like A Factory Investing In A New Machine

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Today's Videos

Eminem - Without Me

The song was Eminem's return after the successful The Marshall Mathers LP, intended as a sequel to "The Real Slim Shady" and essentially saying that he is back to save the world. It also refers to Eminem's role in the music industry and his cultural effects.

The song mocks a number of Eminem's critics, including then-Vice-President Dick Cheney (including his recurring heart problems) and his wife Lynne, the FCC and MTV, Chris Kirkpatrick,[1][2] Limp Bizkit[2] and Moby. It also lampoons comparisons of him to Elvis Presley as a white man succeeding commercially in a predominantly black art form. A line also attacks his own mother for the lawsuit she filed for the lyrics of his debut single "My Name Is".

The opening lyric "Two trailer park girls go round the outside" is based on the single "Buffalo Gals" by Malcolm McLaren, while the introduction — "Obie Trice, real name, no gimmicks" — is sampled from Obie Trice's own track "Rap Name".

Some of the lyrics are altered on the clean version, such as "This is about to get heavy" replaced "This shit's about to get heavy". Also, "Fuck that, cum on your lips, and some on your tits" is changed to "Jump back, jiggle your hips and wiggle a bit". The censored version also replaces "fag" with "Stan" when referring to Moby, a reference to the popular track from The Marshall Mathers LP (2000). -wiki

Phosphorescent: Song for Zula

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