Friday, November 15, 2013

Faked death, accidental beheading and genital mutilation

Man Barred From Every Pub In Dublin Regarded As A ‘Bit Of A Legend’ Amongst Peers

Andy Kaufman

Comedian Andy Kaufman 'faked his death', brother claims


Quantum memory 'world record' smashed


Gambia severs ties with Taiwan


Female genital mutilation in Scotland


Syrian rebel 'beheaded by mistake'


In France, Some Ask If Racism Is On The Rise


China Eases One-Child Policy, Ends Re-Education Camps


Amazon destruction up by 28% in year

Today’s Video: Black Sabbath – Iron Man
The song was originally entitled "Iron Bloke". Upon hearing the main guitar riff for the first time, Osbourne remarked that it sounded "like a big iron bloke walking about". The title was later changed to "Iron Man".
Despite the song's title, it bears no connection to the Marvel superhero character Iron Man, which was created and first appeared in Tales of Suspense # 39 March 1963 (though it has become associated with the character due to this misconception, and was used in the 2008 film Iron Man based on the Marvel character). Butler wrote the lyrics as the story of a man who time travels into the future, and sees the apocalypse. In the process of returning to the present, he is turned into steel by a magnetic field. He is rendered mute, unable verbally to warn people of his time of the impending destruction. His attempts to communicate are ignored and mocked. This causes Iron Man to become angry, and have his revenge on mankind, causing the destruction seen in his vision. The vocal effects on Osbourne's opening line, "I am Iron Man", were achieved by having him sing from behind a metal fan-wiki

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